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We now provide a simple plan of the cemetery’s graves layout which we will modify as more guidance can be added. Press button PLAN and download the file.

The method by which the Victorians chose to lay out the cemetery took some sorting out for us; and many still struggle to follow it now. They created three sections across the nine acres and charted the number of plots with 26 rows across each section, naming them alphabetically; and 70 rows down, named numerically. This provided the cemetery with space for exactly 5460 single burials and providing a simple grid system for locating a deceased person.

In the late 1800s, the cemetery had to be extended to accommodate the deaths of a growing Spalding population.   The cemetery management chose to split the additional land in two and continue sections 2 and 3. They doubled up the  title  of alphabetical rows across i.e. AA, BB but continued the numerical rows down to the Elsom premises.


We are now able to provide layouts of persons in each section based the locations recorded in the burial register from 1854 to 1933, the year when we chose to stop researching, out of respect for living descendants.  Press button CHART and download the file.

Please note graves highlighted in green have headstones which are  featured in following pages.

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