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Rebecca Watson is a widow and lives in London Road. She was born in 1794 and lives at home a son William who is a widower, and Frances, who at 40 has drawn the short straw, and manages the home and is a dress maker.
George Watson, her late husband born 1790 was a labourer. He died in 1856 and buried 18 April location 3 5 a. His official year of birth 1783.
Rebecca died in 1878, and buried 25 April 1878, aged 82, location 3 4 a. Her official date of birth 1796.


Thomas and Ann Bemrose live in Double Street with their son and daughter. They were both born 1792; Thomas in Caythorpe and Ann in West Keal. They have a retail business trading as ship chandlers, grocers and post office. Thomas dies July 7th 1875 aged 84 and buried 10thJuly in Spalding Cemetery, location 3 3 y. Ann dies in 1865 aged 74 and buried in Spalding Cemetery 15th October 1865, location 2 2 z.

Ann Bishop, born 1768, is a widow living in Albion Street; she is a retired school mistress. She died in November 1855 aged 89 and was buried in Spalding cemetery 9 November 1855 against the Ladywood Road wall, location 3 1 a. That was just one year after the cemetery opened.

3 3 d     wagstaff.jpg
3 2 y              s laxton.jpg

StJohn Wagstaffe lives with his wife Frances and their five daughters in London Road. He is a brewer and originates from Alnwick in Bedfordshire, born in 1804. He dies April 1880 aged 70 and was buried in Spalding cemetery 21 April 1880, location 3 3 d.
The gravestone records his wife Frances aged 61 buried 4 September 1878, location 2 46 c, and his young daughter Ellen buried 17 December 1855 aged 8, location 3 1 d, close to her father.

3 7 z     m crampton.jpg

Thomas and Mary Crompton live down Spalding Common; he is an agricultural worker like many of their neighbours. Sadly after Mary dies he lodges at 26 Hawthorn Bank with the Wade family. They married in 1844 and were together 32 years. Mary dies in 1876 age 62 and buried 18th September, location 3 7 z; Thomas dies 1879, aged 76 and buried 9th January.

3 9 y        t sanby.jpg

James and Teresa Sanby live in Albert Street, he is a bricklayer. In 1891, when a widower, he lives at 33 Willow Walk.

Teresa born 1823 dies in 1876 aged 54, buried at Spalding 1 January 1877, location 3 9 y.

James born 1823 dies aged 77, 14 July 1900, location 3 10 y

3 19 h   g popple.jpg

Sarah Laxton came from a agricultural Spalding family Solomon and Susan Grooby, she was born 1854. She married John Laxton, an agricultural worker, 24th June 1875, but sadly she died age 22 in 1876 and is buried in Spalding cemetery 5th June 1876. location    3 2 yy.

3 17 z           Isaac CRUST.jpg

.Isaac Crust aged 25, born Spalding, son of a gardener Richard and mother Ellen, living in Love Lane. Died 1864, buried in Spalding 18 June 1864, location 3 1 z.

3 9 x               j tidswell.jpg

James William Tidswell born 1822 is a solicitor's clerk and small farmer on Holbeach Road. He lives with his wife Susannah and family. He dies aged 59 in November 1869 and buried 4 November location 3 9 x. Susannah aged 72 dies December 1888 and buried at Grantham. Their son Harry is buried next door to James aged 0.

3 22 q     j barwick.jpg

George Popple born 1810, aged 53 is a victualler is Holbeach Road with his wife Jemima. He died in 1864, buried 19 October 1864, location 3 19 h.

3 22 k      m stewart.jpg

Mary Stewart, a widow from Kent, is the housekeeper for the household of the Johnson family in the High Street. She was born in 1803 and after retirement lodged in a boarding house in the High Street. She died in 1875 and buried 19th March 1875.

3 24 y    h gunson.jpg

Thomas Gunson, born 1855 in Surfleet, married Hannah King in Spalding 1876. Sadly Hannah died aged 24 in 1880 and was buried 18 June 1880; he has a son Walter aged 2 living with him; there was also a Jessie but she died December 1880. Thomas's sister Sarah is now keeping house. In 1881 Thomas married sister Eliza King and they too lost a baby Herbert aged 0 in 1883. Thomas died aged 29 in 1884, buried next to his wife and children 24 June 1884, plot 3 23 y. The family lived the short life at 6 Whites Entry, off Mill Lane and Thomas was a grocer's porter.

3 22 z      r atkin.jpg

Richard Smith Atkin, born 1801, is an agricultural labourer living in Dolmans Row, Bourn Road. He lives with his Ann, and their two daughters. He dies in 1872, and buried at Spalding 10 January 1872; plot 3 22 z. Ann is buried next to him, died 6 November 1858.

3 27 u      m dennis.jpg

IWilliam Dennis born 1852 in Wilsford and wife Mary Ann 1851 live at 37 Double Street. William is a joiner. They have a daughter Carol. Mary died, aged 67, 15 July 1917, and buried 18 July, plot 3 27 t. William died aged 76, January 1879 and buried 3 January 1879, plot 3 27 t.

3 28 a   j benson.jpg

.John Benson was born in Weston 1824. He is an agricultural labourer living in Hawthorn Bank with Ann, whom he married in Spalding 1855. He died aged 38 in 1861, buried 27 October,            plot 3 28 a.

Mary Smith born in Surfleet 1796 and her husband William Smith live in Wykeham Road with their son and daughter. William is a farm labourer. He was born 1791 in Spalding. Mary died in 1860 and buried in Spalding Cemetery 17th April; plot number 3 30 f.

3 36 j           j cullum.jpg

.John Charles Cullun is a merchant seaman born 1811, and comes from Salcott in Essex. He is married to Elizabeth from Boston; she is a laundress and born 1808. They have three sons and two daughters. They all live at Harvey New Road. John died November 1895, and buried 28 November aged 85; plot 3 36 j. Elizabeth died 1870, buried 18 August; plot 3 37 l. George James Cullun 1846 -1882 named on the gravestone is their son, and Mary Rooksby 1836 - 1893 is their daughter. John Rooksby is also a mariner and lives in Commercial Road.

3 47 z          j walker.jpg

.James Barker, born 1823 in Yorkshire, is a tailor and trades down Gore Lane, just off the Sheep Market, and employs three persons. His wife Sarah, a Spalding lady was born in 1831. Her father John Cordley lived with them for some time. James died in 1876 and was buried 24 May aged 54. His wife Sarah now a widow first moved to 7 Francis Street before living at 43 Stonegate where she died aged 60 4thMay 1916 and buried 6th May.

.Elizabeth Thompson born 1828 in Norfolk is married to Edward Charles Thompson born 1828, and they live in Pennygate. Edward is a beer house keeper, the Mail Cart. They have five children; one born in London; three born in Damanhur, Egypt; and the youngest born in Spalding. The British were out there during this time completing the railway to the Suez. Edward died in 1879 aged 51, and buried 8th November. Elizabeth died 1903, buried 12th April. They lie seven plots apart.

John Barwick, born 1843, is the son of John and Martha Barwick living in London Road. Like his father he is a hawker. A bit like Del Boy, a hawker bought and sold any merchandise easily transportable. He died at the age of 38 in 1881, and buried 16th July.

3 20 x       m chivers.jpg

Lucy Thorpe Chilvers, age 7 is the daughter of Martha Chilvers 1815, a grocer in Deeping Road. Martha dies 1878, buried 2 January 1879 aged 64. Lodging with them is Thomas William Thorpe, the town crier (1851).

3 22 k     m stewart.jpg

Mary Stewart, a widow from Kent, is the housekeeper for the household of the Johnson family in the High Street. She was born in 1803 and after retirement lodged in a boarding house in the High Street. She died in 1875 and buried 19th March 1875.

3 25 b     m green.jpg

.Mary Green, born 1807 in Thorney is married to John Green, a journeyman cabinet maker, and they live in Abbey Yard with their three daughters. Mary is 53 when she dies 1859, and was buried 18 August. Plot 3 25 b.

3 26 a      c reynolds.jpg

Charles Reynolds born 1841 in Spalding lived with his widowed father and brother and sister in Sharps Yard off London Road. His father is a gardener, and he is a labourer. He possibly married Harriet Tee in Spalding but unconfirmed. Charles died age 29 in 1869, buried 17 September plot 3 26 a.

A daughter Flora Annie was born 1869 and baptised 10th March 1869. She died 1869, buried 30 July 1869

3 27 z         w robinson.jpg

William and Ann Robinson are cattle dealers in Holbeach Road. Both are Spalding born; William in 1807 and Ann 1814. William aged 64 died in 1871 and buried 8th February; Ann aged 65, died in 1878, buried 15 September.. 

December 28 1875 G R Raby, a Spalding grave digger, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in the cemetery at the time of a funeral the previous day. Defendant was ordered to be discharged from custody and summoned to the next petty sessions. He got his own resting place 21 August 1893 aged 72, plot 3 18 g

3 37 n    e kitchin.jpg

Thomas William Kitchen born 1876 was the beloved son of William and Susannah Kitchen who died suddenly July 8th 1893., aged 17. He lived with them, and his brothers and sisters, at 27 Marsh Road. His father was a jobbing gardener.
Elizabeth Kitchin (Kitchen} born 1825 was brought up by parents John and Ann at Gas House Row, Spalding, close to Albion Street, and seven brothers and sisters. Her father was an agricultural worker. They later moved to Holbeach Road. 1871 John has passed away and Ann is a widow, a laundress, and the family are living in Albert Street. Their next door neighbour is one of sons Thomas. And then in 1878, Elizabeth dies and is buried next to her father 12 May 1878 Plot 3 37 m.

3 44 q          j garratt.jpg

Joseph Garratt and his daughter Clara Garratt are known to still haunt the Session House in Spalding, with horrendous tales of screams and wails in the 1930s and 1940s. The loss of their family and murder of prisoners and visitors is well recorded. (slight exaggeration)

Joseph 1838 from Moulton and his wife Ann 1844 from Louth were the session house keepers from the late 1870s, and Clara the domestic keeper born 1878. The unexplained death of their infant child Ann Emma in 1878 was the turning point for this family. Florence Annie died age 5 in 1880, and then the sudden tragic death of wife Ann in June 1893 when she was only 50. She was buried in Spalding 10th June 1893. Joseph then died in 1907 and buried 24th June 1907, the final words of relief on the gravestone were “Peace, perfect, Peace.”

3 54 m           e stolham.jpg
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Elizabeth Stolham born 1844 is married April 11th 1876 to Alfred Stolham, a timber labourer born 1848, and they live at 8 Willow Walk. 10th May 1890 Alfred unfortunately was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Commercial Road and got fined 2/6d and costs. Elizabeth dies in 1919 and buried 3 January 1920, aged 76. Alfred dies 1922 and buried 30 January. Alfred is buried in Spalding and Elizabeth in Deeping.

3 1 o        s tasker.jpg

Susanna Tasker is the wife and widow of Edward Tasker, a tailor, and they lived in London Road and had two teenage children. She was born in 1791 and sadly died on 20th July 1864 aged 75. She is buried in Spalding cemetery 23 July 1864, location 3 1 oo.

3 17 j m woods.jpg
3 12 z      j hayes.jpg

James Woods, born 1800, an agricultural labourer living with wife Mary in Low Road. Died March 1876, buried in Spalding 28th March, location 3 17 j.

John Hayes, merchant seaman, never at home for the census, always left to the wife Eliza.

John was born 1810 and lived with his wife Eliza, and family in Albert Street. He died in 1879 aged 69 and was buried 4 October, location 3 11 z.

Eliza Hayes was born in Spalding 1805 and died11 January 1872 aged 67. She is buried in location 3 12 z.

3 8 d           j everitt.jpg

Mary Ann Everett 1821 -1880 and possible son John Thomas Everett 1856 – 1872 John was a pupil teacher at the time of his death. This was basically a ‘bright child’ who was apprenticed to a teacher and paid annually depending on age. At the time John would probably have been earning £16 for a years work. His father George (born Stanfield) was originally a coal dealer who ended up as an ag/lab on Holbeach Road. Mary Ann was listed as a dress maker in the 1851 census born Wykeham. Surname appears as Everett and Everitt on various census returns


George Giddens, a farmer from Holbeach Marsh drowned in the Welland 7thNovember 1896. He went to the Ship Albion and asked for a whisky and soda but the landlord believing him to have drunk enough just served him a soda.

He left the public house and shortly afterwards was found in the river apparently having fallen at a spot where the bank is unprotected. A boatman recovered the body and although not dead, he never recovered. He was 46 years of age. He was buried 11 November 1896

2 56 u      IMG_3077 g giddens.jpg
3 22 q     j barwick.jpg

John Barwick, born 1843, is the son of John and Martha Barwick living in London Road. Like his father he is a hawker. A bit like Del Boy, a hawker bought and sold any merchandise easily transportable. He died at the age of 38 in 1881, and buried 16th July.

3 23 a        f maughan.jpg

Francis William Maugham born in London 1804 is a pensioner and lives with wife Jane in Bourne Road. Jane born 1819 dies 1875 aged 56, buried 12 September 1875. Francis aged 73 dies 1877, buried 7 February 1877, and lies next to his wife plot 3 23 a.

3 83 ll         r whyles.jpg

Robert Whyles aged 49 from 117 Winsover Road is a drayman employed by Eyre & Co, brewers of Kings Lynn. He died in September 1899, and buried 8 September following an accident with him being thrown from his cart. There were no witnesses to the incident but William Lake in the employ of Mr Glen, coal merchant was travelling along Bourne Road from Pode Hole and could see the injured party. He offered to give Mr Whyles a lift home. He said that he had been pitched off the dray and the wheel had gone over his body and leg. He was seen by the doctor but peritonitis set in a few days later due internal injuries and death followed. He leaves a wife Hannah and five sons.Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

3 30 c   t wyers.jpg

Thomas Wyers lives in Bourne Road with his wife Elizabeth and their grandson Thomas Henry. Thomas was born in Thetford 1788, his wife in Deeping St James 1794 They married in 1843. Thomas, who was an agricultural labourer, died 1863 aged 75, buried 30 September, plot 3 30 c. Elizabeth died 1869, aged 75, buried 12 September.

3 45 k          s toynton.jpg

Susannah Toynton born 1817 lives with husband William Toynton born 1819, in Double Street; William is a labourer. They had a son born 1860 who sadly died 1865 and buried 24th September aged 5. They had another son Samuel who lived at 19/20 Cowbit Road and when father William was a widower, he lived with them. He died in 1891, and buried 9th December aged 72, two plots from son Henry. Susannah died in 1878 and buried 4th September; so unfortunately is 13 rows away

3 45 c            t wright.jpg

Thomas Wright born 1821 in Glinton, near Peterborough had a 10 acre small holding at Spalding Common. He and his wife Elizabeth born 1826 in Spalding, had worked that land for over 30 years. Thomas died in 1897 aged 76, and buried in Spalding 19th April 1897. Elizabeth was still in the same farmhouse with her two sons in 1911. She dies in 1926 aged 96 and buried 15 November alongside Thomas. They had had five children.

3 66 cc      c plumb.jpg

On 8th December 1897 Charlotte Lucy Plumb, wife of George Plumb, a navvy, of Little London, was taken ill but no serious effects feared. The doctor was called in on the Monday, but the woman remained unconscious, and expired on the Monday night. The cause she died from was bronchitis. The deceased was an industrious worthy woman and her death is a deplorable one for her family. She was only 50 years old. There are two daughters and a son. The burial was 10th December, plot 3 66 cc

Mysterious death of Spalding girl.

Jessie Elizabeth Bawtree aged 19, home address 8 Spring Street Spalding, has been a general servant for three years in the employ of Mrs Scott, who lives a mile from Sutton On Sea. Jessie had just quitted her job and made arrangements to travel home by train. She had sent her box to the station ahead but when she arrived, she had missed the train. She returned back to her employer and asked if she could lodge there for the night, but Mrs Scott refused and turned her away.

Jessie Bawtree was not seen alive again, but was found dead on the shore next morning. It appeared that the girl had expressed a wish to leave the situation, and Mrs Scott said she had of late been very disobedient

She was buried 4th June at Spalding, location 3 68 s.

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