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Friends of Spalding Cemetery have been tasked with a project to carry out a visual inspection of graves in Spalding Cemetery.

This is a task that can be carried out by a single person but ideally a couple any time of the day, and at your own pace.

By following the simple procedures for inspecting volunteers will be demonstrating that they are doing what they can to minimise the risks to health and safety in a proportionate, sensible and sensitive way.

If you would be interested in becoming involved in this project message us on facebook.


This weekend, over two days; two hours in total, Pam and I walked round 176 graves; found only 6 stones exceeding 2 foot but in solid condition; but 38 where kerbs created trip hazards and stones were causing obstructions. We have recorded the details and will in time pass them on to the cemetery staff for repair. It is as simple as that but there are still a lot to do.


We finished off a second section today around the roundabout. So that is BB and CC.

581 graves in total; only 30 headstones over 2 foot.

We found approx 100 issues, mainly kerbs and corners;

a few headstones and about 5 overgrown graves.

About 3 hours in total walking over three visits, each section. Easy way to get involved. Two sections to go.

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