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2 15 r   - Gordon - 0215 s betts.jpg

Sarah Betts aged 67, living at 25 Welland Terrace, Spalding dies 5th November 1896; she is housekeeper to Mr Samuel Kingston, the auctioneer. 1861 she was housekeeper to Mr Kingston's next door neighbour, and then moved 1871.

3 16 oo         r speed.jpg

Rowland Speed, born 1808, is a farmer/cottager down Cradge Bank. He lives with his wife Susannah; their two daughters and two sons. In 1839 the little boy of Rowland and Susannah was found drowned in a dyke. It is supposed he was playing there and fell in. It proves a point to parents and others to prevent toddlers who can barely walk to play near water. Rowland Speed buried 16 Apr 1885 aged 77; Susannah buried 3 June 1884 aged 70

2 9 ii        r peacock.JPG
2 10 ii       e peacock.JPG

Sarah Peacock is a Spalding lady born in 1815. She is married to Richard Peacock, a former tailor in Vine Street, also a Spalding person born in 1817. Sarah was an Edgoose?? and they married in Spalding 1848. 1851 They are trading in Westlode Street, he a tailor, and Sarah a milliner, dress and stay maker. 1861 they have moved to Vine Street, and they have a niece working for them, bu by 1871 they have ceased trading and living on pensions in Pinchbeck Road. Sadly Sarah dies in 1874 and buried in Spalding Cemetery 19 October 1874 aged 59.
In 1881 Richard marries an Ellen Jane Watson, a widow and neighbour in Pinchbeck Road. They continues to live in Pinchbeck Road until Ellen's death in 1895. Richard is recorded in 1889, letting one of his properties, a four roomed house in Swan Street for £1. 15 shillings a quarter. Richard passes away in 1899, buried 29th April.

3 93 yy          m elliott.jpg

Mary Ann Elliott born 1854 living at “Brookbank”, 8 Matmore Gate, is the wife of John Elliott, who now lives off his own means. She died 30 April 1922 and buried 4th May at Spalding.

2 60 x        g brayfield.jpg

George Brayfield died February 11th 1899 at the age of 45, and buried 14th February. He was the landlord of The Royal Oak PH, 25 Cowbit Road. His wife Sarah Elizabeth continued with the business, the licence being transferred into her name 8th April. This pub was acquired by Soames Brewery in 1924 and sold to Steward & Patteson in 1949. The publican in 1919 was Walter Scampion. Rebuilt in the 1930s it was later known as The Fenway and closed in 2014. Now converted to a private house. Sarah died in Peterborough in 1948.

42 f  brogden.jpg

Thomas John Brogden was born in 1863 in Lincoln. He lived for some time with his mother Harriet at 36 London Road, he was an articled clerk. However in 1890 he met Annie Burnham Price from Moulton and are married, and are now living at 10 London Road; he is a solicitor. Interestingly, in leisure time he is a football referee. Sadly in 1899 aged 36 he dies, and is buried in Spalding Cemetery 6th March. Annie dies in 1896, in Davenham, Cheshire, aged 27, in childbirth, her daughter Dorothy lived an hour.

2 48 qq         m heggett.jpg


Mercy Heggitt aged 62, is living Bourne Road, and sadly dies Nov 3 1896, and buried 10th November. She leaves her husband John, an agricultural worker, and a daughter Polly.

Sarah Ann Greenall born 1853 was a milliner but would have helped her parents working in the Cross Guns public house, Hall Place. Isaac and Charlotte were the landlords and they had two sons also to help. Sarah died in 1878, buried 15th June aged 25.

75 w      c hames.jpg

Francis Hames, born 1806, lived in Pinchbeck Street and was a poulterer; his next door neighbour was a poulterer. Mary Ann, his wife, is a poulterer's wife, and their two children grow up in mountains of feathers. But there is money to be made from chickens and game and Francis starts to acquire land and the family move to Pinchbeck Road. He has a yard called Hames Yard near to the Spalding Workhouse.

His son Charles, born 1829 gets married aged 20 on 6th June 1850 to Rebecca Lyons, and lives in Westlode Street and they have a daughter in 1851. Charles is a poulterer and so Rebecca is a poulterer's wife.

Sadly Charles dies in 1862 and buried 13th January aged 33.

75 n        j thompson.jpg
75 s        e thompson.jpg

Edward Thompson, aged 64, Spalding born and bred, is a retired brewer and retailer, and lives in Spring Gardens. He was married to Jane Reek in 1833, and they had a family of four daughters before Jane died and buried 9th January 1862 aged 49. Edward was landlord for many years of the Great Northern Tavern Edward died 1871 aged 64, and buried 17th July.

2 18 bb  - Matilda CLARKE also Mary Ann.jpg

Matilda Clark, aged 59 is the wife of Philip, a farmer with 30 acres living on Cowbit Road, She dies on January 22nd and buried 25th January.

7 b           t higgs.jpg

Thomas Higgs aged 84, is a retired corn mill engineer, and lives with his wife Alice in Havelock Street. He dies 6th November 1896 and buried 11th November. Alice dies and buried 22nd June 1908 aged 94.

2 38 u  4 - John & Fanny MR Willmott 1.jpg

John Willmott, born in Peterborough 1814, is a hairdresser and jeweller in Hall Place, Spalding. He has traded in the Market Place for over 30 years, with his wife Jane. They have one daughter. His death 16th May 1889 was reported in the Lincolnshire Free Press; the cause being syncope, a fainting complaint. He was buried 18th May 1889, aged 75. Looks like his gravestone could do with a haircut.

2 30 jj      a alves.jpg

Alexander Alves born 1835 was a civil engineer, born in East London who is employed by the Great Eastern Railways as a permanent way inspector; the permanent way being the the track of a railway, including the ballast, sleepers, rails, etc. He is married to Lucy born 1833 in Bromley, Kent(Hurrah), they have one son, and have Alexander's father lodging with them at 27 Double Street. When he died 2 December 1895 the family are living at Linden House, High Street.
The deceased had not been well of late and had suffered from occasional spasms. On that day he had walked along the March line and then returned to Pinchbeck depot where he met his son. He then went to the loo, leaving his stick and umbrella outside. When he did not reappear his son went to the closet and found his father unconscious inside, wedged against the door. Two doctors were called but life was extinct on their arrival.
He was a very popular man about town, had lived in Spalding since 1882, and was an active member of the Congregational church. He was buried 5th December 1895, aged 60. He left a widow, two grown up sons and two grown up daughters. His father, a retired gardener, died in 1904 aged 100.

A young family living in Westlode Street are sadly broken up in late 1911. Wife Beatrice Grunnell gives birth to a infant girl Beatrice who dies and is buried on 4th October. Mother dies as a result of the birth and is buried 7th October 1911, aged 32. She leaves a husband William aged 35 and a his son Harold aged 8. This will be their second child to die so young. Mother and child are buried together in Spalding.

3 59 r     w ashling.jpg

IWilliam Ashling died 16th November 1889 aged 57. He was a labourer living at Little London with his wife Mary, and family. He was buried 19th November..

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